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History is being made, the vast landings on the beaches of Normandy, and Allied troops are pushing back the Germans on every front. In the lead are the men of the 82nd Airborne, and they are about to face their greatest test. Bocage. The impenetrable walls able to hide countless enemy troops. As strong as castle walls, and behind those walls the Germans are waiting to fall on them like rabid wolves.

First platoon, Company B, 82nd Airborne, struggles to get past the formidable defenses of the bocage, and their worst nightmare is tanks. Panzers, enemy armor, like the five German Mk IVs they run up against, and the battle to escape, just to survive, could go either way.

Yet they fight their way out, only to face the next objective, the city of St Lo. A strategic crossroads, guarded by artillery and thousands of troops, sheltered behind thick stone walls and hidden in deep, bombproof trenches. The Germans have a huge advantage in artillery and machine guns, together with vast reserves of ammunition, shells and bullets, stored in an underground bunker. Enough shells and bullets to keep their guns firing night and day for as long as it takes to beat back the Americans. The bunker must be destroyed, and they give the job to the best and the toughest. Hard men, paratroopers, prepared to sacrifice all. To dare to win when others hold back.

Heroes of the 82nd Airborne Book 2 – Against All Odds is the second shortread fiction set during the Second World War. The book is a collaboration between Todd McLeod and Eric Meyer, the bestselling author of more than fifty war novels.

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23 de septiembre
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