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We promised you more from Carly and Conny and we definitely deliver. These women are thick-thighed powerhouses who are not the least big hesitant to apply submission-inducing submissions to their male opponents. If you like reading about women using their training and strength to embarrass and even to humiliate men, then you'll find these two ladies to be utterly delightful.

Cheri and AriE are up next and these are two thirty-something ladies you won't want to miss. Cheri is one of the slimmest women we've profiled and she doesn't appear, at first, to be that physically imposing. But Cheri is very competitive and very dedicated to improving her craft. Read all about how this lady has become a top-tier, ball-busting lethal lady. ArieE, like Carly and Conny, is a thick legged woman who has no reservations when it comes to putting a man in his place. Her smile, thighs and glutes will have you in awe and at least a bit intimidated! These newcomers are 5-star beauties.

Abbie is also a newcomer and this mother-of-three is a former bodybuilder and a life-long bad-ass! As her sons entered their upper-teens and twenties they thought they had passes mom up. How do you think they felt when they ended up losing at arm-wrestling to their sweet and powerful mother? You'll love the family dynamics here!

Bryn, Teri and Li are back and better than ever. Bryn and Teri are sisters and are both in the 200-pound range. These power-lifting ladies were both drawn to shy, Indian and Southeast Asian men. Eventually these two sisters began talking about their men and they found out that dominance or a love for being the powerful-one in the family must be genetic! Read all about these amazing women and see pics of their thick, powerful thighs, glutes, arms and more! Li is originally from Vietnam but now lives on the West Coast of the United States. Learn all about the life and times of this amazingly muscular, strong, dominant lady. How can a woman that's barely over 5'0" be so strong? You won't wonder for long! Li is very open and honest and shares all about her thoughts on female dominance, male submission and mixed-gender wrestling.

We have an updated list of 20 websites that all fans of muscular women and women-defeating-men should definitely check out! Just click and you'll be introduced to a whole new world tap-outs, knock-outs and humbled men beneath victorious, confident, strong women.

If you like strong women then you'll love these profiles and pictures! Please remember to look for all of our other books as well. They all deal with the male/female dynamic and how both women and men handle female victories at very physical contests like wrestling, arm-wrestling and more!

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