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The chapters therein republish the old volumes but with sections or portions redacted. So if you were readers who had the old copies of these series downloaded prior to 6/15 of 2014, you have the original copies. Those copies are no longer in print. The versions that would be posted will have information redacted or cut out. While it is disappointing to have to rebuild everything from scratch, it's still a blessing in disguise because it illustrates my point of how hard it was to write series of this nature where your proof or evidence that your theories are valid relies heavily upon citing other people. However, if you run into a glitch where people do not want to be used in your volumes, then you're stuck not being able to cite your source. When you can't cite your source, it seriously lowers your credibility. However, sometimes it's better to have some information out rather than none at all. One good thing is that if there are any readers who have issue or request for me to provide more information or elaborate on certain content, I can't because of the gag order. I'm literally bound by penalty of law not to discuss certain things. This may be beneficial because it will teach people to appreciate knowledge. Sometimes when knowledge is given freely, people take it for granted. Then when it's gone or where can't get it for free anymore, it increases in value. The following sections are reprints of the "Sunflower Diaries," Volume 1. It has been smoothed over with the chapters. Sadly, this version of the "Sunflower Diaries," Volume 1 is grouped with the Psychic Field. The original "Sunflower Diaries," Volume 1 was published on 12/14 of 2012 where it had no links to the Psychic Field. For people who had the original copy, notice that it never said anything about the Psychic Field. It's because the author was trying to prevent people from grouping the theories with the Occult and base it off of its scientific merit. However, because circumstances have changed where the entire series has been wiped and where there's a limited time with financial resources that allow the author to afford writing this content, it has to be done in a rush. Whether people choose to judge the content as being Psychic and not Scientific, then that's the best that can be done. The original "Sunflower Diaries," Volume 1 was roughly 15,000 words. An extra 15,000 words have been added from what was to be the original "Big Ban Theory," Volume 5. Those extra chapters were added. However, it is under the new stipulation of information redacted where names have been removed. Chapter 1.1 is about Teleology. Chapter 1.2 is about layers of the Universe. Chapter 1.3 is about showing your work and using geometry proofs. Chapter 1.4 is about Planetary Theories. Chapter 1.5 is about applied technology and key birth dates of scientists. Chapter 1.6 is about mind control devices and the mind as an organic laptop. Chapter 1.7 is about live streaming. Chapter 1.8 is about a Planetary RSS Feed theory. Chapter 1.9 is the original "Sunflower Diaries," Volume 1 conclusion. Boron 1 is about the author family tree. Boron 2 is about the twin tornadoes that hit the city of Pilger, Nebraska. Boron 3 is about the 5.7 earthquake that hit Alaska with aftershocks on 6/16 of 2014. Boron 4 is about the 3 major earthquakes that also hit on 6/16 in Spencer and Jones, Oklahoma. Boron 5 is about Subconscious Psychology applied to a news article regarding plagiarism. Boron 6 is about the Grand Canyon incident and German in World War II. Boron 7 is about the unbroken bat attempt with Johnny Cueto expression frustration. Boron 8 is regarding the Seattle Seahawks minicamp scuffle along with a fireworks explosion in Washington State. Chapter 9 is the wrap-up conclusion.

Salud, mente y cuerpo
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Rod Island
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