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Volume 27 is a continuation of Volume 26. It's a republication of "Sunflower Diaries," Volume 27. It cites news articles for 7/15 of 2014. The prediction about Volume 26 for Iron published 7/13 of 2014 is reflected in news about 26 ancient coins discovered belonging to the Iron Age. There's also a 482 lb. Halibut aligning with the Fish License of John Cleese's pet halibut named Eric. Cobalt 1 talks about the Psychic Prediction cited in Volume 26 regarding the title of the 26th Element of Iron that surfaced the day before the news article about the 26 coins found in Britain from the late Iron Age. Cobalt 2 is regarding the brawl that took place at Paris Hilton's party vs. "Chuck" Season 2 regarding Hannah played by Kristin Kreuk on a plane flight to Paris. It shows how the calendar dates of 12/30, 10/31, 5/29, and 1/10 that have been cited in March 2014 can be traced in "Chuck" Season 2 that aired episodes in January 2010, which was 4 years prior to the events that unfolded between March 2014 to July 2014. Cobalt 3 is regarding the 482 lb. halibut caught in Alaska. It does a decryption of the song "Lovato is an Open Door" from the 2013 movie "Frozen" and Demi Lovato who sings "Let It Go." Cobalt 4 is about the comic strip Archie who is slated to die trying to save his gay friend Kevin Keller. It is linked to the lightning strike on 5/30 of 2014 on the birthday of Idina Menzel who plays the voice of Elsa in "Frozen." Chapter 1 is an intro to the "Sunflower Diaries" Volume 27 being republished. Chapter 2 is regarding the Death Battle between Princess Peach vs. Princess Zelda. Chapter 3 is about emotions that can affect the news feed. Chapter 4 is about Wallace Hartley and the theme of the Titanic. It links to the reference of the elephant article published 7/14 of 2014 about the tip of the iceberg and the final chapter regarding Tax Day that is on 4/15 when Titanic sank on 4/15 of 1912. Chapter 5 is a discussion about Rod Blagojevich born on a state date. Chapter 6 is regarding ArcNet in "Men in Black 3." Chapter 7 is regarding the character Griffin in "Men in Black 3" who was from a 5th Dimension that could see possible futures. Chapter 8 is regarding the Gladiator Coliseum and Richard [Redacted] who played Albus Dumbledore. Chapter 9 is regarding the Prime Directive. Chapter 10 is regarding the Sun's Heliosophere that encompasses the solar system like the Electromagnetic Field encompassing Planet Earth. Cobalt 5 wraps up the volume describing the boxing match that took place between Saul Alvarez and Erislandy Lara on 7/13 of 2014.

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Rod Island
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