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This was a really long volume to write. I encourage readers to download it as soon as possible even if they don't have time to read it. I also suggest readers only go through the Elemental Chapters. The republished "Sunflower Diaries" are just filler. This is one of the important volumes since it can cite the Jesus Christ and Superman Symbols I've been talking about with Earth as a Super Computer. As literature, I don't think it was written well though (not that any of my volumes ever are). Volume 37 is a continuation of Volume 36. It cites Psychic Manifestations for 7/25 of 2014. There's a news about a Black Jesus played by an actor born 5/29. There's discussion about Kristen Bell as Mary Poppins who can do magic but is being paid minimum wage. There's also the news article about Darth Vader in the news leading the polls for the Presidential Election 2016. Rubidium 1 is about the 5/29 Black Jesus theme and the news articles about Superman that surfaced for 7/25 of 2014. Rubidium 2 is about Stephen Colbert endorsing Darth Vader for President. Rubidium 3 is regarding Kristen Bell talking about Minimum Wage. Rubidium 4 is about the lifeguard recording his rescue in England. Rubidium 5 is about Jim Johnson’s wife getting booed. Rubidium 6 is about the 2 Chinese airlines that crashed on 4/15 of 2002 and 5/25 of 2002. Rubidium 7 is about the 4 year old in Monroe, Connecticut banned from a doughnut shop. Rubidium 8 is regarding the trailer “Serial Ape-Ist 2: Monkey See, Monkey Kill” spoof for “The Big Bang Theory.” Chapter 1 is about Nantucket. Chapter 2 is about a hypocritical paradox. Chapter 3 is about failure. Chapter 4 is about using car technology. Chapter 5 is about Heirloom Gear on World of WarCraft. Chapter 6 is about Judge Raymond Voet fining himself for letting his cell phone ring in court. Chapter 7 is about the Boston Marathon Bombing. Chapter 8 is about Weapons of Massachusetts Destruction. Chapter 9 is about “Mystery Men” vs. “Beauty and the Beast.” Chapter 10 is about the Basketball Pole used in “Matrix Reloaded.” Chapter 11 is about vowels. Chapter 12 is about Robert Hight’s funny car crashing into the stands. Chapter 13 is about the Kingdom of Rohan. Rubidium 9 is regarding “A Whole New World” from the movie “Aladdin” vs. Aladdin, Wyoming.

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Rod Island
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