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Volume 23 is a continuation of Volume 22. It's a republicaton of "Sunflower Dairies" Volume 23. It cites news articles from 7/10 of 2014. It shows how Chapter 6 of Volume 22 cited Batman and RIOS and on 7/10 of 2014, George Springer born 9/19 for Adam West as Batman caught a ball by Alex Rios. It also cites Prophecies from "Sister Act" and the television show "Chuck." The republished "Sunflower Diaries" Volume 23 is one of my favorites because it talks about "Tron: Legacy" which is a good way of understanding Earth as a Super Computer. It also links to "Chuck" because Woody Woodcomb was played by Bruce Boxleitner who was Tron. Vanadium is about Houston Astros outfielder George Springer born 9/19 like Adam West as Batman catching a ball by Alex Rios aligning with Chapter 6 of Volume 22 published 24 hours prior. Vanadium 2 is about the freak accident with baseball player Carlos Beltran hitting himself in the face with a Bat. If you subtract the name Elsa from "Frozen" from his name Beltran, it spells Barn, which Kristoff asked Anna if she was raised in when she put her feet on the dashboard of his sled. Vanadium 3 is regarding the Red Sox Organization with calendar dates. Vanadium 4 is regarding "Chuck" #2.2 "Chuck vs. the Seduction" where the episode cites "Sister Act" that was released on 5/29 of 1992. I was playing in the marching band Disneyland Main Street Parade on 5/29 of 1992 because Elsa is the "Sister" and "Frozen" is a Disney movie. I had said that my Psychic Abilities are like Elsa's Frost Powers. Vanadium is regarding actress Poppy Montgomery stating on David Letterman that she's pregnant. News reported the Sun to "pop" a Solar Flare at 4:20 pm (Poppy Montgomery) linking to Alabama and 4/20 for Pot. Vanadium 6 is how the way to fix a fixer upper is to fix him up with Yu Darvish. Chapter 1 is about "Quantum Leap." Chapter 2 is about Superman rescuing Dana Delany as Lois Lane. Chapter 3 is about the Rights to the Superman franchise. Chapter 4 is about Lord Voldemort. Chapter 5 is regarding Tron vs. the ScanTron inventor.who passed away. Chapter 6 is about the Tron Identity Disk. Chapter 7 is about repurposing a program. Chapter 8 is about Isomorphic Algorithms. Chapter 9 is about the Tron Light Cycle Duels. Chapter 10 is about Clu symbolizing a corrupted operating system. Chapter 11 is about letting Sam Kinison and an Indian Lesbian wreck your wedding. Chapter 12 is about Iron Man solving the Icing Problem. Chapter 13 is about identifying damaged code. Vanadium 7 is a wrap-up chapter about Anna turning to Ice while trying to protect Elsa from being killed.

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