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I missed publication on 7/27 of 2014 because I opted to spend it with my Aunt and Uncle from San Diego. I was able to ask my aunt for the birthdates in her Family Tree. Even though I missed a day of publication, it allowed me to collect new birthdates that I could use for Psychic Predictions intersecting with the Associated Press Feed. In this case, it was regarding "There's Something about Mary" with Cameron Diaz born 8/30 like my niece and Ben Stiller born 11/30 like my nephews. The tornado hit Revere, Massachusetts where Tony Conigliaro was born, which was the autographed baseball Ted got as a gift for Mary. Volume 39 is a continuation of Volume 38. It cites Psychic Manifestations for 7/27 and 7/28 of 2014. It does an analysis of the Lightning Strike that hit Venice Beach on 7/27 of 2014. It does an analysis of the freak tornado that hit Revere, Massachusetts on 7/28 of 2014. It shows an example of how you can use Family Tree birth dates to intersect with a movie. Preface urges people to skip reading the "Sunflower Diaries" section and just stick with the Yttrium chapters so as not to fall behind with the news feed. Yttrium 1 is regarding "Lucy" defeating "Hercules" for the box office weekend of 7/25 of 2014. Yttrium 2 is an analysis of the lightning strike that hit Venice Beach. Yttrium 3 is about the freak tornado that hit Revere, Massachusetts. Yttrium 4 is about the humpback whales seen in Monterey Bay, California aliging with "Star Trek IV: Voyage Home" where they go back to 1986 and where my aunt said her twin sister died 11/10 of 1986. Yttrium 5 is about Piper Perabo born 10/31 of 1976 wearing a Metallic wedding gown. Yttrium 6 is about a man pulled over for a traffic ticket who calls 911. Yttrium 7 is about the teen who disappeared on 10/9 of 2013 for Brandon Routh as Superman and returned 9 months later. Yttrium 8 is regarding the rift between Kevin [Redacted] and Ben Affleck. Yttrium 9 is regarding a television crew that was attacked by ghosts in a house in Hanover, Pennsylvania. It touches up on the theme of the Trench Run in "Star Wars." Chapter 1 is about the pain in my arm in 2013. Chapter 2 is a summary of news articles. Chapter 3 is about a samurai sword. Chapter 4 is about the Superman Symbolism. Chapter 5 is about Chris Brown's Supergirl Lamborghini. Chapter 6 is about Horcruxes vs. the "Last Unicorn." Chapter 7 is about Jesus found in a Laundry Machine. Chapter 8 is about the Second Life Avatar Analogy. Chapter 10 is about the Superman T-Shirt worn by the Rock. Chapter 11 is about "Looper" regarding Cause and Effect. Chapter 12 is about Bananarama. Chapter 13 is about Forensic Cryptology. Chapter 14 is about the Grandfather Cell Phone Program. Yttrium 10 is regarding "Dr. No" and "Never Say Never Again."

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Rod Island
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