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This is a really large volume because the original "Sunflower Diaries," Volume 40 was already 60,000 words. The size of this volume is over 75,000 words. I recommend people just read the Elemental Chapters of Zirconium to keep up with the news feed. Volume 40 is a continuation of Volume 39. It cites news articles from 7/29 of 2014. It looks at the Psychic Manifestation of a 157 cruise ship with a 3-hour tour stranded for 15 hours like "Gilligan's Island." It examines the name Mark Hamill in "Star Wars." It does an analysis of the movie "Forgetting Sarah Marshall" with Kristen Bell who goes on to be in Anna in "Frozen." Zirconium 1 is about the lawsuit former Governor Jesse Ventura won against Chris [Redacted] and the Superman theme. Zirconium 2 is regarding the song "Kokomo" by the Beach Boys linked to the plane crash in Florida on 7/27 of 2014. Zirconium 3 is about the song "Gilligan's Island" with the parody "Isle Thing" by Weird Alabama Yankovic. Zirconium 4 is regarding the name Mark Hamill in "Star Wars" unscrambled as the word Ham(MER) for Mjolnir where actor Ian McDiarmid as the Emperor is born 8/11 like Chris Hemsworth as Thor. Zirconium 5 is regarding the movie "Forgetting Sarah Marshall" where Kristen Bell was Sarah who runs off with Aldous Snow played by Russell Brand. The last name Snow aligns with the Eternal Winter in the 2013 movie "Frozen" making it a Prophecy. Zirconium 6 is regarding the movie "A Few Good Men" with the Code Red theme and calendar dates. Zirconium 7 is about the song "Chasing the Sun" by Hilary Duff released on 7/29 of 2014. Chapter 8 is about "Legally Blonde" vs. the plane crash. Chapter 9 is regarding the song "Foil" by Weird Al Yankovic that parodies "Royals" by Lorde. "UHF" by Weird Al was released on 7/18 for the birthday of Kristen Bell. Chapter 1 is about 40 as a special number. Chapter 2 is about the solar flare on 5/12 of 2013. Chapter 3 is about Forensic Cryptology. Chapter 4 is about Post-Traumatic Syndrome. Chapter 5 is about "Field of Dreams." Chapter 6 is about World of WarCraft "DPS." Chapter 7 is about the Sun and the Moon. Chapter 8 is about Cryptology News. Chapter 9 is about Nick Saban born 10/31. Chapter 10 is about a Messiah vs. a Hot Sun. Chapter 11 is about Data Scientists. Chapter 12 is about the U.S. Government. Chapter 13 is about Gwyneth Paltrow as Pepper Potts. Chapter 14 is about the $34,000 Car vs. the $90 repair. Chapter 15 is about Mother's Day Weekend 2013. Chapter 16 is about Princess Kate Middleton. Chapter 17 is about Adult Star Sunny Leone. Chapter 18 is about "Forever Jung" by Rod Stewart. Zirconium 10 is about ESPN suspension.

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Rod Island
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