Break Your Cycle To Be Better: Based On A True Story

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A family is the single most important influence in a child’s life. It provides security, identity, and values to its members, regardless of their age. An individual learns about his sense of self and gains a foundation for the rest of his life. This foundation includes the family’s values which provide the basis for his own moral code. Therefore, the parenting style that parents adopt while raising children can have a huge impact on their development and growth.

Now, imagine the mental condition of a child, especially a toddler, brought up in an environment where problems such as parental negligence, rigidity, alcoholism or abuse exist in the family, disturbing its smooth functioning, leading to constant conflicts, fights, arguments, and tension.

A novel that goes through highlighted events from childhood and up to the author leaving the military, and what has shaped the way he has become now.

This is a highly inspirational novel, one could relate to many aspects of a dysfunctional family that was described in the novel, as well as personal flaws that he (or anyone) genetically and/or socially inherits through family members and other surroundings. Among other ways to lessen and treat the post-effects of traumas, most of the novel is written in a stream-of-consciousness style of writing which allows to read and face inner thoughts as they are, without editing or moderation.

Based on a true story, by reading about how Mike faces his past in Fighting For Redemption, you may learn something about facing your own.

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17 de febrero
Russel Palumbo
Denis Jones