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Best-selling author Heather Slade brings five rugged alpha protectors in a boxed set of non-stop suspense and swoon-worthy romance.

Can fulfilling a promise bring love into his life again?

Struggling with a tragedy in his family, winery manager, Brodie Butler, needs to put his grief on hold to carry out the promise of delivering the tragic news of his brother's death and a special box to the enigmatic Peyton Wolf. But instead of closing a chapter in his late brother's life, Brodie opens a new one in his own after he meets a woman he could envision himself being with forever.

Torn between familial loyalty and his desire for Peyton, Brodie's guilty conscience threatens to destroy any chance he may have with her. Will they find a future together when Peyton's heart belonged to a hero Brodie could never measure up to?

The Hatfields and McCoys have nothing on the Butler and Avila families.

The feud between them had been going on for years when Maddox Butler came to the rescue and saved the Avila's Los Caballeros winery from certain ruin. Now it's Maddox and his brothers that are threatening the winery's future—at least that what Alex's family believes. 

Neither the feud, nor the fence between the vineyards has ever been enough to keep the two determined young lovers apart. Will their love heal the wounds of the past to reunite the families a second time? Or will it drive the wedge deeper and make them choose family over love?

He's a loner by choice.
She's a winemaker in a man's world.

When Naughton Butler and his brother inherit four hundred acres of prime vineyard property, it's up to them to decide how to manage it and their family's winery. To do so, they hire the new kick-ass winemaker, Bradley St. John.

Landing a job at the Butler Ranch is Bradley's dream come true. But when Naughton thinks she's a joke, she sets out to prove that a woman is the best person for a man's job. As she shows off her talents, Naughton realizes Bradley's more woman than he ever imagined. 

He promised to protect her…
Not to love her.

Mercer Bryant promised his deceased partner that he'd protect Quinn Sullivan at any cost. As a former CIA operative, Mercer knows his way around intense and stealthy operations. Trained in combat, he can get out of any situation—and into any woman's bed. But when he starts to feel something more for the stunning Quinn, he can't stay away.

Shipped off to boarding school at a young age, the feisty Quinn doesn't need a man to watch over her. But when she finds herself in danger, the only place she feels safe is the arms of the irresistible and rugged Marine. 

Hell bent on protecting her, Mercer takes on the vengeful Russians who are responsible for his partner's disappearance. With peril imminent and time running out, can Mercer save Quinn before the truth destroys their chance at a future together?

An Altered Mission. A Personal Vendetta. A Joint Endeavor.

Her mission was clear: go undercover to infiltrate a Russian organization. But when the MI6 agent discovers that two former CIA operatives are being held captive, rescuing them becomes paramount for her.

Grateful for the rescue, he has one goal: kill the enemy who threatens his family. Obtaining the confidential files people are dying for is secondary.

With both the CIA and MI6 after the hidden documents, the two must team up to uncover the truth. While working together, desire ignites and danger intensifies.

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