Chakras For Beginners - Part 2

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The human body has 7 main energy centers that are connected to important organs and glands of the body. It is these energy centers that are called CHAKRAS.

Our bodies operate optimally when our chakras are open and balanced. When there's an imbalance or a blockage, the energy becomes trapped and can stagnate.

The captivating thing concerning chakras is that, they play a big role in your emotional, spiritual and of course physical health. Even when you're new to finding out more about alternative medicine and holistic health, or other spiritual thoughts and theosophical pursuits, using a firm understanding of this complex energy system will definitely benefit everybody.

In this Part 2 GUIDE, you'll discover:
Chakras and How They Function In The Human BodyThe Use Of Astrology, of the Association Between The Planets And ChakrasThe 7 Major Chakras of the Human body, how they originated, and also learn exactly the way the 7 Chakras work The Fundamentals of Chakra Healing, Balancing, Centering and AlignmentChakra Breathing Techniques to Develop The Capacity To Perceive Prana And EnergyChakra Tuning for Maintaining A Healthy Balance In Your Daily LifeMethods of Using the Right Frequencies for Successful Chakra StimulationChakra Cleansing for Personal DevelopmentAnd many more…..
Each chakra represents a specific area of the human body. As you learn how each affects your health, you could also learn how to improve the quality of your overall state by opening, rebuilding, strengthening, and understanding your chakras.

This BEGINNERS GUIDE will assit you to uncover what the chakras say about you! You can learn to not only enhance your energy system but also work to change the parts you no longer want. Our objective is to have all those chakras opened, balanced, and harmoniously working together.  

Opening your chakras can be easy when you use some visualization techniques. It's a matter of finding one that fits you best.Understanding Chakras can help to eliminate those unwanted energies.

This BOOK is a concise and comprehensive Guide for novices to comprehend the fundamentals of the chakras, its benefits and application to life.

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