Changing the Way You Move

Six Simple Steps for Adapting to Aging to Enjoy Your Golden Years

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"It's not the fittest that survive, it's those most adaptable to change." Charles Darwin.

Aging comes with major changes, to which you will need to adapt.

Golden Years?

Dr. Morgan, veterinary scientist and older athlete, provides a highly effective approach to elderly mobility, based on a life-time of experience:

-Get your life back on track, after major surgery and other health challenges, for active elderly years.
-Overcome poor movement habits for aging mobility.
-Learn to fix your sprains and strains, with or without professional assistance, as appropriate.
-Save money on unnecessary doctor's visits through increased body-awareness.

In 2011, the author became the only person in the world to complete a full Ironman (2.4-mile swim, 112-mile bike ride, 26.2-mile marathon) with an abdominal aortic aneurysm (AAA) stent graft. This success was the result of changing the way he moved. He developed strategies to reduce hip flexion and impact stresses during his grueling training. These movement modifications, which are described in the book, became the underpinnings of his Observe, Question, Solve (OQS) Method. They were based on an understanding of anatomy, AAA stent design, and extensive training in optimal body movement, including Martial Arts, Yoga, Pilates, Gyrokinesis, Continuum, and most importantly, Feldenkrais.

You don't have to be a movement expert to apply the principals of OQS. Just six simple steps!

Dr. Morgan uses stories from his life as a country veterinarian to clarify the underlying philosophy of OQS.

Six easy steps that you can use for greater independence as you age:

-Step One: Observing subtle movements.
-Step Two: Questioning the obvious.
-Step Three: Solving your issues like a detective.
-Step Four: Sitting more effectively.
-Step Five: Standing as your body movement laboratory.
-Step Six: How to walk/run more easily, while remaining injury free.

Don't join the old people, work to enjoy elderly mobility!

Stay young at heart!

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