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“Myths, stories, prayer, touching, visualization, rituals, and especially love are some of the tools and wisdom that this extraordinary book gives us.”—Isabel Allende
Whether it’s a personal health crisis or sickness a loved one is experiencing, none of us escape this life without encountering some form of illness or death. While we can try to ignore the reality, internationally known author and speaker Dr. Jean Shinoda Bolen suggests we do the exact opposite: face it. By encountering the frightening world of serious illness and death, we can better uncover how it gives us purpose.
While encountering sickness is inevitable, healing often seems harder to come by. We are left broken open when serious illness hits. While there is no single key to recovery, it is rare to find healing without first addressing the pain. This book serves as a guide to finding purpose in the pain. Through practicing self-compassion and empathy for others, and actively listening and learning, we set ourselves on a path to thoughtfully unravel the process of finding hope.

Read Dr. Bolen’s Close to the Bone and find . . .
·       An insightful book for anyone living with a life-threatening illness (or caring for a loved one who is ill)
·       Encouragement for facing the trials and trauma of illness by relying on the wisdom we all have within
·       A supplemental guide for those who want to form support circles
“A finely polished mirror for the healing heart and body. An important statement of theories and practices which have aided many in the course of their illness and recovery.”—Stephen Levine, bestselling author of Unattended Sorrow

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