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The beginning of the story, as there is a magical, mystical, and very prosperous world known as the “Saint Heaven’s World”; where there was a great deal of spell-binding, and mystical treasures that inhabit the land and its worth. A place where the Four Founding Fathers of the Saint World, settled down in order to create societies well within the nations of their Kingdoms as well. In the midst of that land, there is a war of the First Great Saint War has happened, and shook the lands from all around; Where the dreaded alliance between the “Heavenly-Raid” Alliance against the vicious alliance, simply known as the “L.O.D.I.” (League of Delegation Intent); which their soul intent is to bring delegation and imperative in a world full of chaos…As the battle between the alliances grew, there were two incredibly powerful forces that not only rose up to the occasion during the midst of all of the turmoil, but also faced off against each other, were simply none other than the dreaded forces, known as the flesh-eating, sky-ruling, and element controlling creatures known as the Sugaars, against the last of the legendary clan filled with physically powerful beings of the Felidae known as the Daemon-Ligers, the kind of powerful force that once tore through the lands itself, from a hundred and thirty years ago of constant war in itself. There was a great deal of rebuilding that had to be done, and a lot has happened since the ending of the warring days and how much damage has been done as well. As well as the creation of the five most powerful continents that ever co-existed, simply known as the “Five Great Countries” as well as the many other republic, minor like companies that were being created as well. And thus gave rise to the Angelic Masters, who control sacred and saintly abilities, simply known to the world of the Saints, as the “12 Paladins of the Mystical Templar”; twelve Angelic Masters who possess supernatural powers of a high caliber, who have the ability to rule over the Divine Plane of existence, and can utilize Divine Magic, Holy Magic, & Sacred Mysticism, to utilize transcendent abilities, of all kinds as well.

Ciencia ficción y fantasía
octubre 31
Beckett Baldwin
Smashwords, Inc.

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