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A short ebook from my relationship series and blog: "Finding Mr Huggie-Wuggie" that is all about building an outstanding foundation for an outstanding marriage. This ebook contains 7 articles:

Marrying My Best Friend (Short Story)
"You look so handsome!" I volunteered in a carefree way. He did look handsome, of course, he always looked handsome, but every man looks especially good on his wedding day – and apparently this was true even on a fake wedding day. I was a little surprised by just how much attention to detail he had applied to our little joke. I mean - brand new shoes - seriously?! (Well obviously I had new shoes, but for crying out loud, I'm a girl!!!)

Dear Mr Huggie-Wuggie I Wanna Be Your Best Friend!
So yeah, I wanna be your best friend! I wanna be there for you. I'd love to just go places with you all the time! I'd love to walk around arm in arm with you all the time, not even as a romantic thing but more as a friendship thing. The thing about talking about "love" is that it confuses me. All the different aspects and elements and how they work together - I can sometimes find them overwhelming.

Deserving You
When your heart is yearning for intimacy and friendship and understanding and acceptance and everything else that one can dream of in love, it is so easy to start looking longingly not at God but rather at the potential spouses that you wish to provide that. However these people, as lovely as they might be, are not going to be able to provide that love in and of themselves.

Why It Is so Hard [for Me] to Find an Outstanding Spouse!
For anyone new to this blog, some of my ideas might seem extraordinary. First and foremost, I know it might sound immensely arrogant for me to say that I cannot find an outstanding spouse, as if I myself am outstanding. The simple truth is that I have invested a lot of effort into my relationship with God, and I very rarely meet anyone who has invested a comparable level of effort into their relationship with God.

The Characteristics AKA Angry Ranting Post!
I have such big hopes for marriage because I have big hopes for life in general. I simultaneously want to achieve lots in my life and have a gloriously happy marriage. I am trying to be the best person that I can be to achieve that. However I know that the character of my husband will also be desperately important to that. It will be important to the issue of having an amazing marriage, and it will also be important to the issue of dreaming big dreams.

The Character Characteristics
So my first priority then is to make sure that the people I surround myself with are truly committed to Christ, then hopefully I will not need to worry so much about those types of character failings. My great hope is that, moving forward I will be surrounded by so much spiritual sincerity that I will happily be able to forget all about those less-than-wonderful "Christians" I've previously had the un-privilege to meet.

Communication Meltdown
I believe that communication is something that has to be deliberately cultivated between two people. It is honestly not about how long you have known someone. Within the relationship each party has to make it clear that they are open to feedback; that the other person is free to speak; that they will listen; they will take it on board, and they will take appropriate action.

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