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Imagine a world exactly like ours, but one where people are ruled by their demons. There are many of them – dozens, hundreds of different demons for each and every person – and they are not always evil. Many feel closer to them than they do to other people, find them dearer, more familiar. For many, these demons replace people, become their environment, their friends, their families. And these demons have so much power over people that they are almost more real than humanity itself. They are stronger than humanity, they can do more. They control absolutely everything that happens in this world and have almost become flesh. Nearly. But only almost ... they remain unreal, they are not people. They control people, live their lives in their stead, but without them they are nothing. Otherwise, this world is the same as ours, absolutely the same – everyone recognizes himself and his life in each corresponding character. What would you do if you were a part of such a world? If you were in the grip of these demons? Would you retain your humanity? Could you escape? Could you rescue anyone? Refined to perfection, this unique prose first surprises readers and then hypnotizes them, not letting go until the very end of the book. Despite being a book with great meaning and much symbolism symbols, Demons remains extremely easy to read in one go.
Egor Klopenko is a Russian writer, an independent artist, the founder of a theater in St. Petersburg. Just 37, he has already written and published 8 of his own books and produced 3 performances based on his books, which are in high demand in Russia and several European countries. More than 150,000 people follow the author on Russian social media platforms. The author has a unique writing style, unlike those of his peers, a style that showcases his sophisticated, cutting-edge prose. All the author’s books offer an extraordinary perspective of the world around us, one that both surprises and attracts readers. However, despite being stylistically unique, all of Egor Klopenko’s books follow in the footsteps of the greatest works of Russian high-end intellectual literature.

Ciencia ficción y fantasía
octubre 7
Egor Klopenko
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