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Let’s play a game. You think of all the supernatural creatures roaming around all the imaginary worlds, may they be literary or not, and chose one you would like to be. And we bet that in the end, no matter what the options were, your result would still be a vampire.

Let’s face it: vampires are cool, gloomy, witty, irresistible. Vampires are fun. Not to mention their perfect porcelain skin hue maintained with such determination. And, since they practically live only during the night, they sure come across as the perfect party animals. That makes them the perfect adventure companions. Any Goth aficionado can swear to that.

This book is one great classic that provides all the thrills one can expect from a vampire adventure text. Foreign lands with mysterious sights and people, a labyrinthic castle with menacing corners, beautiful un-dead women, suspense and heroes plus the greatest vampire of them all: Count Dracula.

If we were to count only the cinematographic versions of this masterpiece and it would be enough for a very vivid portrait of the said character to emerge, intrigue you and make you want to plunge into this gem of a book. And, if you want to enhance your experience, you could even check out the historical facts about those faraway lands in the Carpathians and find all the things Bram Stoker got wrong, in order to make the story even more gruesome and wild.

Read it preferably in the dark, at the light of a portable lamp clipped to your book, inside the tent you set up while hiking in a forest. Just a suggestion.

Will there be blood? Oh, well, that remains to be seen.

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