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The continuation of the Trilogy story of young Edward’s journey; the second book of the Ed’s Mono-myth Trilogy, as well as the intensive amount of events that's coming later on in the storyline…
The team takes a long-winded break after the battles they’d had in the quarter-finals, but now they realize that they can’t rest for very long since they’re too weak to compete against the last two teams that's more than they can handle. They take this time to train, and take Ed in order to receive judgment and see if he’s able to unleash his powers to its fullest potential and bring forth all of the potential that lives inside of him. While the rest of his team train in order to defeat their upcoming foe that lies ahead of them. And they spend a little more time getting to know each other as a team and a group of individuals as well; learning to cooperate with each other more, and create better, combination in their teamwork, and achieve greater results. And more of Gabriel is revealed in the more shocking way, as well as what his goal is from all along. Will Ed’s team be able to get enough training in, in order compete against the infamous “Dream Team”? Will Flora, after her battle against Bast in the last of the quarter-finals, be able to fulfill her promise, and be able to battle and defeat Pinky’s selfish antics overall?
This is the second volume of the trilogy, as Ed’s team makes it to the new arena, where the energy is at its most intensive, with incredible amount of pep and tension, there's a great deal of enthusiasm, excitement, and animation for the semi-finals and the intensity of these final rounds are real, and the hype of the crowd is at its utmost best…Showing that everything is going down. And Ed makes a serious change in demeanor that nobody suspects and a certain battle will go down, that’ll decide who indeed will be the ones to be granted the prize from the Queen herself. But for both the team’s case, it’s to settle a very old score that was meant to be settled a long time ago.

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octubre 31
Beckett Baldwin
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