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I am an Engineer Manager with more than 15 years’ experience in the Automotive and Aerospace industries. Worked and lived in multiple countries. I also possess several management degrees that allow me to be a better leader, better professional, and person. 

My passion is to lead multicultural teams to achieve success. I can tell you there is usually a better, smarter way to do things, to be assertive and go beyond your expectations if you believe in yourself, trust your instincts, let go of the fear of failure, be open to learning new things, and don’t let others push you back. 

I will share the knowledge and tools I used by working in several countries and corporations as an engineer and manager. I intend to be as forthcoming as possible, crude, to say things as they really are and how they worked for me. I gathered valuable information from my experience and from research to lay it here down for you in a simple, down to earth manner. You will be able to apply it starting day one. I worked with all kinds of people in different positions in a company, from the shop floor to CEOs/Company owners, with different cultures, from different countries and different generations. I failed as much as I succeeded. 

I made mistakes, made breakthroughs, embraced both, and learned with both. I am here to help you. My goal is to empower you to have a new perspective, become smarter, see the signs in front of you, and grab the opportunities. I had some help during my work life, and now that I am in my 40s, I decided it is time to share my knowledge with others. 

Continuing to evolve in my career, always learning and open to new experiences and challenges. Workplaces are complex and in movement, not static places where one rule applies to all. Come and learn how to

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Daniel O. Dias
Daniel O. Dias

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