Essential Guide to Interrogation and Torture: CIA KUBARK Counterintelligence Interrogation Manual, Human Resource Exploitation Training Manual, Art and Science of Interrogation

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Major documents in the history of American intelligence interrogation are included in this unique ebook compilation, including two famous manuals, the CIA KUBARK manual from 1963 and the 1983 Human Resource Exploitation Training Manual with all of the handwritten notes and changes included. Additional valuable information on every aspect of interrogation and torture, including material from the al-Qaeda torture manual, is found in two great documents from the National Defense Intelligence College: Educing Information - Interrogation: Science and Art, and Interrogation - World War II, Vietnam, and Iraq.

Contents: Book One - KUBARK Counterintelligence Interrogation * I. Introduction * II. Definitions * III. Legal and Policy Considerations * IV. The Interrogator * V. The Interrogatee * VI. Screening and Other Preliminaries * VII. Planning the Counterintelligence Interrogation * VIII. The Non-Coercive Counterintelligence Interrogation * IX. The Coercive Counterintelligence Interrogation of Resistant Sources * X. Interrogator's Check List * XI. Descriptive Bibliography * / Book Two: Human Resource Exploitation Training Manual * Introduction * Liaison Relationships * Interpreters * Selection of Personnel as Interrogators * Design and Management of a Facility * Arrest and Handling-of Subjects * Planning the Interrogation * Conducting the Interrogation * Non-Coercive Techniques * Coercive Techniques / Book Three: Interrogation - World War II, Vietnam, and Iraq * Foreword * Commentary * Interrogation of Japanese POWs in World War II * Unveiling Charlie * The Accidental Interrogator / Book Four: Educing Information - Interrogation: Science and Art * Prologue * Commentaries * Introduction * The Costs and Benefits of Interrogation in the Struggle Against Terrorism * Approaching Truth: Behavioral Science Lessons on Educing Information from Human Sources * Research on Detection of Deception: What We Know vs. What We Think We Know * Mechanical Detection of Deception: A Short Review * KUBARK Counterintelligence Interrogation Review: Observations of an Interrogator - Lessons Learned and Avenues for Further Research * Custodial Interrogations: What We Know, What We Do, and What We Can Learn from Law Enforcement Experiences * Barriers to Success: Critical Challenges in Developing a New Educing Information Paradigm * Negotiation Theory and Practice: Exploring Ideas to Aid Information Eduction * Negotiation Theory and Educing Information: Practical Concepts and Tools * Options for Scientific Research on Eduction Practices * Educing Information Bibliography (Annotated)

Interrogation - World War II, Vietnam, and Iraq: Topics and subjects include: Iraq, Lessons from World War II, al Qaeda torture techniques, waterboarding, President George W. Bush, Vice President Dick Cheney, General David Petraeus, CIA, General Hayden, Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, Japanese POWs, Spirit Warriors, Japanese Culture, Kamikaze Pilots, Hara-kari, Shinto Way of the Gods, Bushido (Way of the Samurai), Japanese-American Interrogation in World War II, Camp Ritchie, Camp Savage, Fort Snelling, Lessons from World War II, Geneva POW convention, Vietnam War interrogations, Army FM 2-22.3, Abu Ghraib, Donald Rumsfeld, Alberto R. Gonzales memo, Abuse of Detainees.

Educing Information - Interrogation: Science and Art: terrorists, McCain Amendment, KUBARK counterintelligence interrogation, MKULTRA, CIA, torture, pain and physical discomfort, sleeploss and deprivation, sensory deprivation, subliminal persuasion, mechanical detection of deception, polygraphy, psychophysiological mechanisms, electrogastrogram, eye blinks, saccades, and fixations, voice stress analysis, thermal imaging, truth serums and narcoanalysis, sodium amytal, neurological mechanisms, transcranial magnetic stimulation, electroencephalography (EEG), functional MRI, communist interrogation methods, HUMINT, criminal custodial interrogations, good cop / bad cop, FBI training.

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