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In this book, you will learn about-

- Answers to 25 most frequently asked questions on successfully implementing Business Process Management and Continuous improvement methodologies to your workplace.

- Business process management (BPM) methodologies for - industries, non-profits, academia, government, e-business and other 'for-profit' organizations.

- Tips to maximize output from your business process improvement methodology programs.

- Precautions and risk mitigation strategies to take, to ensure consistent operational excellence, post successful business process improvement methodology implementation.

This book presents practical answers to frequently asked questions on building and improving business entities. It assists professionals whether they are learning the basics of busines process improvement, planning their first improvement project or evangelizing process oriented thinking throught out their organization.

This book is for-

This book is for agile entrepreneurs, leaders, quality assurance managers, management consulting professionals, production supervisors, manaufacturing heads, CEOs, Directors and Executives involved in decision-making, directing their organization's sustainability, profitability and expansion.

If you want some new ideas for improving your business, make exponential increase in profits and need to get your team involved then this consice self-help, business management book is for you.

This book is also for professionals who are interested in making a career change and wish to embrace business process management (bpm) role.

This book asnswers 25 frequently asked questions on business process management, which would help executives, change management profrssionals improve business situations in their new role as a business analyst, project manager, change management, process improvement or process management expert.

This book is also for graduate students, budding out of colleges and are in the process of stepping into the industrial world, be it- manfacturing or a service industry. This book helps them learn various methods by which they can improve their company's business, which in trun would help their individual career growths.

About the author: Shruti Bhat, PhD, MBA, Certified Lean Six SIgma Black Belt

Shruti is a Profitability Expert. She is a gold-medalist and Continuous improvement mastermind for over 18 years.

She has successfully delivered more than 1000 innovation, business process design and continuous improvement projects to satisfied clients worldwide.

She has turned-around failing companies to successful enterprises, helped solve cash-flow problems, improved Operations/ Service levels and PROFITS.

She has helped build enterprise teams and coached more than 12000 employees worldwide.

Shruti specializes with biotech, healthcare, pharmaceuticals, natural products, chemicals, foods & beverage, cosmetics and retail industry verticals.

She works with startups, small to mid- sized organizations and facilitates them to become flourishing enterprises.

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