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How would Ricky Pierce match-up against Khris Middleton? What about Jack Sikma against Andrew Bogut? Who had more to offer, Jerald Honeycutt of Deandre Liggins? Could the backcourt of Michael Redd and Mo Williams lead the 2007-2008 Bucks past the Big Dog/Ray Allen combo of 1997-1998? Get ready to dive into Bucks history and think about some of the most heralded and the most forgotten players in franchise history.
Comparing teams of different eras has become a popular past-time. But usually when teams are compared to one another, it's great teams. This book will appeal to fans of the Milwaukee Bucks and NBA fans that love to learn about and remember the more mundane teams. This book also compares individual players to one another, taking into consideration where they were in their career during the particular season that's being profiled.
This book begins by analyzing and comparing the 1987-1988 Milwaukee Bucks and the 1997-1998 Milwaukee Bucks. This is a battle of the 20th anniversary team and the 30th anniversary team. We begin with a summary of the teams and then analyze each of the players. A game is then "played" between the two teams with the winner moving on to the finals. Then it's time for a similar analysis and competition between the 2007-2008 and the 2017-2018 Bucks teams. These are the 40th and 50th anniversary teams. Although neither season ended up being championship caliber, they both had interesting players and unusual quirks in their respective seasons. Each team is then matched up with whichever teams they have yet to play against.
This book was made possible by the wonderful modern internet-age. It is also a product of my lifelong interest in the Milwaukee Bucks. As far as the internet is concerned, I am forever thankful. Before youtube and other similar video hubs, it was extremely difficult to watch old sports clips. Right at the start of the internet's popularity (about 1997-2001) it was possible to order tapes online and that was a real treasure. But now it's possible to watch clips of Litterial Green, Pace Mannion, Randy Breuer, Jerry "Ice" Reynolds as well as complete games from these seasons. The internet is also an amazing place to get quick factual information. One search on Wikipedia or doing a general Google search gives you a players basic stats. In the pre-internet era people had to buy all of the yearbooks which were quite large and expensive. The other option was buying a team's media guide on an annual basis. So while this book doesn't reference exotic statistical sources, I did my own basic research; watching a TON of youtube videos of these players/teams and getting the basic points, rebounds, minutes, assists info. This is a super-fan-book. I have written about other topics, but this is my first foray into my lifelong passion of professional basketball. 
Has it been a long time since you've thought about Paul Mokeski, John Lucas, Terry Cummings, Elliott Perry, Yi Jianlian, Charlie Bell and Craig Hodges? If you are a die-hard NBA fan or just a fan of the Milwaukee Bucks, you'll love this unique, insightful look at the 20th, 30th, 40th and 50th anniversary teams.
This book ends with some fun "Fear the Dear" trivia and a picture match! Test YOUR Bucks knowledge!

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