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Pilar’s Fibropedia is a compendium of knowledge that refers to fibromyalgia and the detonating factors of cells, as well as a compilation of strategies and treatments that can include diseases and possibilities that both patients and family members have to treat this condition.

The book is dedicated to people living with fibromyalgia, their relatives and doctors who are unaware of their existence and who are interested in the treatment.

The book consists of ten chapters that deal with the brief history of the condition, how it is diagnosed, the types of fibromyalgia and the factors that influence its development.

There is also a section that deals with the relationship between fibromyalgia, food and sleep, to conclude with allopathic treatments, alternative therapies and psychological therapies that help improve the quality of life of those with fibromyalgia.

Through the pages of this book, the author shares her vision of life with fibromyalgia, the challenges that everyone faces and how she has overcome those challenges; always looking to give incentive to those who believe they have lost the battle to an entity so unknown and disconcerting.

It is important to emphasize that the author seeks to give voice to those who have remained in the dark, providing a light of hope and how it can help a society of social support so that with knowledge, love, education and affection.

This work was made by the efforts of the Mexican Foundation for Fibromyalgia (FIBRO), which started work in 1999 and its Founder María del Pilar Covarrubias Montaño who is the author.

The Mexican Foundation for Fibromyalgia is a non-profit civil association whose purpose is to research, update and disseminate information about fibromyalgia, as well as comprehensive care for those who suffer.

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