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Love: it’s the universal component of life that inspires the greatest songs, movies, and wedding ceremonies ever performed. However, love in the eyes of God isn’t seen in the same way as it is in society.


Love to God is eternal, grace-filled, and always available, brought forth into our lives from the sacrifice of love given by Jesus Christ, His son, on the cross.


When we accept the sacrifice Jesus did for us on the cross, asking Him to come into our lives, we offer to God the creating of a covenant of love between us that will impact us in ways we didn’t think possible.


Author Carrie Fulton defines this love covenant between God, Jesus, and ourselves through her new book, Freedom Fighter, and how we must equip ourselves with the truth of God’s Word in order to wage war against the battle for our hearts.


The first section of the book concentrates on describing the covenant God made with us, using Scriptures from the Old Testament to explain God’s faithfulness and devotion. As the book progresses, readers learn more of the covenant formed with Jesus once He is welcomed into our lives through the book Song of Songs. The last section of the book focuses on our biblical mandate as the Bride of Christ.


Freedom Fighter encourages readers to see that though the battle for our hearts can be treacherous, it’s a battle God is willing to fight in because in the end, He knows He will win.

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9 de marzo
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