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GayLords Inn is both a primer in gay male Kama Sutra sexual positions, with Internet links to images of the positions, and a story of the first few months of an extraordinarily gay-friendly B&B set in the beach resort of Cape May, New Jersey.

Chef Alex Renard, who specializes in Kama Sutra positions, and antique dealer Sean Temple, who, as a former gymnast, can accommodate Alex’ fetish, have found and tried each other out only to find that they both are prepared to bid on a Victorian mansion just off the Cape May beach to turn into a gay-friendly B&B. They decide to combine their talents and resources and go into business together. They establish a twenty-eight-room inn, with each room named after a gay celebrity; hire a sex-services-willing staff; and embark on an enterprise that quickly crosses over into being a brothel and setting for porn films.

In their first two months of business, their clientele runs from a closeted tennis pro and TV anchorman, to rock star, transvestite couple, politician and aides, first-time trysts, bounty hunter, escaping lover, a prejudiced father, suicidal disgraced TV comedian, spring-winter couples, and the entire cast and crew of porn movies. They have to deal with providing a whole gamut of sex services and sex training; deaths, both natural and not; protection demands; thieving staffers; increasingly explicit sexual fetishes; the ominous attentions to Sean of Alex’ brother, Eddie; and the need to assure privacy and provide a safe haven from the outside world. It’s a wild ride that can either pull Alex and Sean apart or bring them closer together but that never suffers a dull moment.

When consulted as a primer in gay male Kama Sutra sexual positions, the reader will find over eighty positions described, which can be seen in multiple photos on the linked Internet site.

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