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The Rev. Dr. Lew Graham was privileged to train first as a scientist and later as a shaman. He has made a journey of discovery since childhood, fusing millennia of information to steward the extraordinary accounts herein.

This is an unorthodox review of human history and potential, bringing clarity to the 6th Sun Age that was conceived in December 2012 as well as many other astonishing answers. And the real aim is to awaken inner knowing as a spiritual birthright through which each person can arrive at dependable wisdom. This will be your reward for delving in.

As editions 1-3 had predicted, December 2012 was a welcome ‘event horizon’ that marked a fantastic, long-awaited shift in our world. It will mature as we endure the spastic death throes of a departed epoch of fear and suffering. So it’s a bright time for humanity as suffering and turmoil gradually abates. The welcome news that our world will continue transforming is clearly explained in an astonishing account of our true past and our unfolding future.

This Volume III in the GNOSIS ONWARD Series conveys complete information on powerful self-development tools for rapid personal growth. The core tool was used in the School of Ancient World Mysteries founded by the Greek philosopher known as Pythagoras. It traces back to the ancient wisdom of a high civilization that his indirect 'student', Plato, later called “Atlantis.”

All how-to’s and full meditation materials are presented. There is also a companion, meditation soundtrack that can be downloaded at very low cost from most major MP3 music sites.

Fasten your seat-belt!

Salud, mente y cuerpo
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GNOSIS IN THE TURNING OF THE AGES and His Succeessors, a Corporation Sole

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