Gordon Allen's Provender

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July 3rd, 2013
Are we alone in this vast universe?
Jake and Steven McClain had problems of their own to even consider that question, not even when the answer was an undeniable no, and staring them both in the face.
Neither McClain knew of the others existence. Both faced disastrous consequences if they chose the wrong path back from hell.
Jake and Steven McClain had more in common than their last names or saving their respective Clans from total and complete annihilation.
Steven was born on a planet named Provender a world literally created by the Torill, a flesh eating race from another Galaxy. His descendants were brought to Provender by the Torill to proliferate and multiply into enough live flesh to sustain the Torill when they returned 200 years later to again take on the once mighty Froellian peace keepers of the Milky Way.
The Torill were not the immediate problem, saving his Clan from those on Provender who had declared they would defeat and then annihilate Steven and his once mighty Blackwatch Clan was.
Jakes home world is Earth, hed lived a sheltered life for most of his 25 years, that is until he discovered that Earth was going to be struck by not one, but two asteroids that could easily destroy the human race.
What-ifs are explored in Provender, such as what if we are not alone or what if Earth is struck by an asteroid, and What if two humans with drive and determination, and who share the same ancestors, find each other? What then?
Are humans capable, or even worthy of existing at all in the Milky Way Galaxy?
Can a fledgling species just beginning its move into space unite the people of other worlds in time to stop the annihilation of an entire Galaxy by a superior force empowered by vengeance and a historical need to eat living sentient flesh?
Follow Steven and Jake McClain as they discover that the Universe does not revolve around their respective worlds. That there are many sentient civilized worlds that discovered that fact long before sentient life walked on Earth.

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19 de junio
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