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Most people dream about visiting many of the exotic locations and cultures they have seen in films or on TV. We often have a desire to actually visit these places and find out first-hand how others live out their day-to-day lives. Too often these dreams are out-of-sight for the average person.

Unfortunately these opportunities are rare and usually they are fulfilled by a 1-2 week package tour of several famous locations. Very few people have the luxury of sufficient free time to travel among the common people of any land and learn directly from them.

When I decided to travel to many parts of the world I was at the enviable stage of life where I had finished college, completed my military commitment and was still unmarried. Thus, I planned to spend a significant amount of time in as many countries as I could. My intention was to meet average citizens and live their lifestyle while with them.

Of course, this would require learning their language to a conversational degree for which we residents of the USA have a poor reputation. High school French and college German gave me a start and I would learn other languages as I went thanks to the patience of so many new friends. This approach led me to being welcomed into numerous families everywhere I went. Thus, did I have the extraordinary privilege of becoming part of so many families wherein I would learn their culture from the most valid source.

When I now think back to this incredible journey I am humbled by the open hospitality of so many new friends who often had little to spare, but shared it with joy and pleasure.

For those who might not have the privilege that I had, I wish to attempt to convey the wonder of this world journey through this book. I invite the reader to share my varied adventures with our fellow citizens of this beautiful planet. Enjoy.

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17 de diciembre
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