Descripción editorial

When Holly Chambers wakes up in the night to find a stranger in her apartment, she has a pretty normal freaked out reaction to a creepy home invasion. But after escaping her would-be attacker relatively unscathed she starts experiencing one very unusual side effect from almost being the victim of a violent crime. What started out as a really scary recurring nightmare has evolved into something disturbingly erotic and completely unwanted. Or at least that's what she tells herself.

Now he's there in her dreams, every single night, touching her, forcing her to experience pleasure more intense than she’s ever imagined. But it’s not real, and she feels like she’s slowly losing her mind. No matter how tempted she is to continue to indulge in some kinky, multi-orgasmic high-jinks with her very own dream man it's times to embrace reality again and move on from that horrible night. Determined to stay in control, Holly needs to banish her dream lover once and for all.

When a business card with the words, "Your Fantasy" falls into her lap she formulates a plan to solve her problem. What if she contacts this female fantasy fulfillment agency and lives out her erotic dream? Would that finally give her peace and possibly some real physical pleasure (outside the dream) for once?

Contacting Delta of Venus Inc., seems like her only option to exorcise her dream lover, but who is the mysterious man she's invited into her bed? Is he just a very talented stud-for-hire, or something much, much more?

Warning: This sensual erotic romance novella contains graphic language, dubious consent themes, some handcuffs (1 fuzzy pink & 1 non-fuzzy), a blindfold, and one very hot and mysterious dream man.

Ficción y literatura
11 de noviembre
Verena Vincent
Smashwords, Inc.

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