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Lana was a lonely, sex-starved housewife until a young, horny futanari college athlete moved in to the spare bedroom of the house. Lucky for Lana, this houseguest suffers from vivid sex dreams, and Lana is determined to help the horny student sleep by any means necessary: namely by getting her at night without her inattentive husband finding out!

~~~~~ PG Excerpt ~~~~~

The mother had thought it would be a nice idea to rent out Ginny's old room to visitors after their daughter had settled into her college dorm. If nothing else, it would bring them a little extra money.
Lana took a breath through her nose, and in a calm voice said, "I'll stop her."

"Whatever it takes, Lana," he said, lying on his side so his back was to her. "I have work in the morning."

You're not the only one, she thought. Not that he considered her illustrator job work, since she did it from home and wasn't pulling a six-figure income.

Before Lana was out the door, Carl started tapping away on his phone, holding it close to his chest. Lana tried not to be bothered by this. Lately, her husband had become very secretive about his phone. The other day, it had been sitting next to her when a message coming through from a someone called "STA Distributor". Just as she'd been about to pick it up and pass it to her husband, he had snatched it off the table. "Well, excuse me!" she'd said, and he'd given her a funny look.

"Confidentiality, Lana."

She had no idea what secrets a distributions company needed to keep, but whatever.

Lana threw her robe over her nightie and tip-toed out into the cold hall. She gently turned the knob to her daughter's old room and entered. Moonlight streamed through the window, and she could see Kayla thrashing in her bedsheets. Not wanting to shock the college girl awake, she kept the bedroom light off and crept closer.

Poor thing, she thought. It looks like she's battling the Devil himself. She closed the door behind her to block the noise from entering her and Carl's bedroom, and then edged over to the bed. "Kayla," she whispered. "Kayla, honey, wake up. It's me, Lana. You're having a bad dream."

She could just make out the girl's face in the moonlight. She had a sharp nose and high cheekbones. Her hair trailed luxuriously over the pillow like a golden waterfall. She was wearing a singlet, and Lana could see the outline of her toned shoulders. She knew she played in the local college's basketball team, and her tall, lithe body under the sheets showed that she was likely a top athlete.

The girl in the bed was spouting complete gibberish. Lana caught words like "hard" and "hot", but none of it made any sense. Her thrashing grew more intense. The bedsheets were being kicked almost off the bed, and when Lana took the edges in her hands to pull them back up, she saw something that made her jaw drop.

Ficción y literatura
26 de abril
Boruma Publishing
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