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How to Win At Online Roulette - 2nd Edition
by Samuel Blankson

This book offers techniques for betting profitably on online roulette games. It starts with an in-depth explanation of the game of roulette, its rules, and the different types of bets allowed in the game. The online techniques, for which the 1st Edition is best known for, are explained in the last few chapters. The techniques are explained in detail and illustrated with flow diagrams, further simplifying, and making these techniques even easier to follow and apply. In the 2nd Edition, the stake lists have been normalized and new patterns are introduced. In this 2nd Edition you will be introduced to the Creep pattern, a useful pattern for avoiding possible losses whilst using the system first introduced in the 1st Edition.

About the Author :

An entrepreneur at heart, Samuel Blankson blends art, creativity, passion, business acumen, and financial expertise with careful planning and execution in the achievement of measurable results. He is an avid reader, writer, researcher, and securities trader.

He is an advocate of self-empowerment and an individual’s ability to control their destiny through the achievement of personal freedom from economic, financial, spiritual, social, mental, and interrelationship restrictions. Samuel is constantly working to push the boundaries of personal achievements to their limits, recognising that these limits are only self-imposed.

Samuel has authored over twenty books (How to Destroy Your Debts, Living the Ultimate Truth, Developing Personal Integrity, The Practical Guide to Total Financial Freedom volumes 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5, and Attitude are some of these works). He has written over 100 songs, sixty of which are featured in Sixty Original Song Lyrics. He writes poetry, creates artwork, and works daily to express his creativity in many ways.

Having successfully run several businesses, Samuel diversified into securities trading over a decade ago, with great success. After learning from the masters of the time, Samuel progressed to develop his own methods and systems for successful trading. Today, he trades many financial instruments and has developed ways of successfully generating profits from his many investments.

A firm believer in knowledge sharing, Samuel travels the globe, teaching and sharing his personal knowledge with groups of friends, associates, and anyone who seeks to improve their life. This is the spirit of Samuel Blankson, a God centred philanthropist, over comer, and high achiever.

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