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Illuminatista: Mind Alchemy - Money, Fame, Love and Success at The Speed of Light, by Juliette Williams and Julie Williams.

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This book – ‘Illuminatista: Mind Alchemy’ – has lots of do’s and don’ts.  It is filled with statements like “We are this...; We are not that...; We do so and so...; We don’t do so and so...; You should do this... and You shouldn’t do that...,” etc.  However, hidden in those seemingly ordinary statements are words of wisdom and success secrets that only True Seekers will discover.  The simple or common-sense wisdom in this book is an accumulation of age-old traits garnered from years of observation and study of the Rich, the Poor, the Happy, the Sad, the Famous, the Notorious, the Winner, the Loser, the Bold, the Coward, the Strong, the Weak, the Stable, the Dysfunctional, the Religious, the non-Religious, the Agnostic, and so on, including extensive research on the Occult, Religion, Metaphysics, Spirituality, Psychology, Philosophy, Sociology, etc.  This book is part of the ‘Illuminatista’ series by Juliette and Julie Williams.  We encourage you to also read “Illuminatista: God 2.0: The Controversial Wisdom of Dr. Julie Williams.”  May the joy, insight and wisdom you gain from reading this book bring you untold success in all corners of your life!  We wish you the best in your good endeavors, and hope you Win At The Speed Of Light!  Good luck!!

Some chapter contents:

The Four Cardinal Points of Desire

The Four Cardinal Points of Any Success

Who Are We?

A New Destiny For You

On Philosophy and the likes

On God, Religion, Theology and their likes

On Life

On Health

On Money, Wealth and Material Gain

On Love, Affection and Romance

On Fame and Power

On People

The Illuminatista Symbol explained

Recommended Books

Recommended Songs

"A must-have!  Radically different!!." - Juli Zen.

Edited by:

Marie Guillaumes

the Editor of:

Romeo and Julie:

My Secret Erotic Dilemma With

Romeo of Julingdom

by Julie Williams

(ZigaStar Publishers)


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Salud, mente y cuerpo
12 de julio
ZigaStar Publishers

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