Inside the Mind of Thinkpen Write

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Descripción editorial

With his second novel, THINKPEN WRITE is at his best! Walk with him as he carries you weightlessly like marshmallows floating on a cloud. As he speaks, try not to let his words tantalize your mind as he spins you around and makes you dizzy in his world. His mind is his home, and he has invited you inside as his guest. Between his visions of how he sees some things through his own rose-colored glasses, there are three short stories he has penned that should delight you. Pimping Aint Easy, Diary of a Small Town, and Domesticated Battle of the Flys are all Thinkpenish without debate. So come INSIDE his MIND and spend time in it for a while... that is...if you dare!

In PIMPING AINT EASY, the notorious pimp, Kicking Ca, who was known for the worst kind of treatment towards his ladies of the night, received a shocking wakeup call on discovering that his latest turnout was an alien from another planet. This figure of a woman, along with her devoted mate Boykin, has come to Earth for one reason only, and that was to assure that their species would thrive, by way of copulating with an Earthly human being. But the downside of their journey for Kicking Ca was that where the aliens come from, the men of the planet had to have sex with an Earthly man, and the pimp himself became their chosen one!

DIARY OF A SMALL TOWN, finds two of its residents, Nicholas Dooley {Nickel Dooley} and his lifelong friend Preacher Simmons, in the powerful role of tiny mice, as they come up against the big rat racist Judge Parker who seems to live to make their lives a living hell! The judge ruled over the town and the people in it with corruption and had already murdered on more than one occasion. However, the night the bank was robbed and the vault inside it started to spill out all its cheesy contents, would the mice finally get some cheddar, or would the rat judge get it all once again, and this time end their lives as well?

DOMESTICATED BATTLE OF THE FLYS, finds the spirits of two souls, testing their love for one another. In one corner, you have Jesse, who needs the constant reminder of it from his new girlfriend. Jesse had just spent time in prison without parole, and after meeting Carrie, he wanted to put the bad stuff behind him and enjoy the life of a fairy-tale romance. In the other corner you have Carrie, who knew that Jesse loved her, but her past relationship with her babys daddy Blinky had been abusive and ended up with her being beaten very seriously. Will her trust of Jesse result in the same fate as that of her previous relationship with Blinkywith blackened eyes and busted lips? Or is Jesse a real man who could be classified as a member of the Dying Breed?

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22 de agosto
Trafford Publishing