Introduction to Kit Acoustic Guitars (or) Life is Short...Build a Guitar

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One day in 2004, a guy in his mid-fifties saw an ad that said he could build his own acoustic guitar—from a kit! He'd never heard of such a thing! A kit? For a real guitar? Since then, that guy has built over twenty kits and created internet forums and books about them. Yep, that guy was me.
   For acoustic guitar players who want to go deeper and learn more about the instrument they love to play, a quality guitar kit might be the best choice.
   Unlike other books by professional luthiers, Introduction to Kit Acoustic Guitars provides a beginner-level glimpse into the art and skill of guitar making. Though I'm normally a modest guy, I have to say this: I feel that I am qualified to point the way, having built twenty-one guitars from kits and founding the only forum on the internet for kit guitar builders. It actually helped bring kit acoustic guitars into the mainstream. Thousands of people have joined it and been encouraged to build their first acoustic guitars, and every one I've talked to absolutely loved their guitar.
   Starting with this 49-page book, amateur builders can now learn the intricacies of acoustic guitar building by building their own guitar from quality materials in kits provided by C.F. Martin & Co, Inc. (yes, Martin guitars), or other suppliers of quality kits and luthier materials such as Luthiers Mercantile International and Stewart-MacDonald. The woods the guitar is made of can be of the highest quality and rarest species. The results, depending on the builder, can be stunning and beautiful—and can sound and play better than any factory guitar.
   In this short ebook, you'll learn:

• how a guitar kit is the same as, and different from, the parts prepared by a skilled luthier

• what you will need in terms of space, time, tools and supplies

• what your real expectations can be

• how so many kit builders have described their completed guitars

• links where you can hear the sound of kit guitars played by the author and by luthier and bluegrass champ, Wayne Henderson

• where you can get more information if you're interested

If you want to learn more about building and begin to explore the mysteries of the acoustic guitar's internal construction, this 49-page illustrated is the best starting point. It will tell you how a kit teaches the basics you need to know before you create your own instrument from scratch.
     For a player, few things are more satisfying than enjoying the tone and resonance of a guitar you built yourself. Just click the button below and begin to discover how easy it is to enter the world of guitar building.

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