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Jose Bonifacio de Andrada e Silva "The Greatest Man in Brazilian History" This book will introduce to the United States the founding father of Brazil. He is one of the greatest statesman in world history, but he is unknown to the American public. He is the Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin, James Madison and George Washington of Brazil embodied in one person. This book will cover some of the following subjects: Learn why the country itself was Jose Bonifacio's legacy to future Brazilian generations. The legacy that he left us is "Brazil" itself, because without Jose Bonifacio in Brazilian history, "Brazil" the country in its current form would not exist today.

__ Learn how a document prepared by Jose Bonifacio de Andrada e Silva "Lembranas e Apontamentos do Governo Provisorio de Sao Paulo" dated October 9, 1821, is considered the most important document in the history of Brazil. This document laid the foundations for the new nation. Learn about the major impact that Jose Bonifacio had with his writings on the process of ending slavery in Brazil. His position paper on slavery (November 1823) had a major influence on all future legislation related to the slavery issue. Jose Bonifacio's grandson, Jose Bonifacio

(The Younger), continued on his grandfather's fight to end slavery in Brazil. He did his fighting on the floor of the Senate until his death in October 1886. Slavery ended in Brazil on May 13, 1888.

__ Learn about Jose Bonifacio's very important document regarding the Native Brazilian Indians; how his document served as the basis in 1845 (Imperial Brazil) and again in 1910 (now a republic), of information when they designed and organized the Service for the Protection of Native Indians.

Learn how the Andrada brothers (Jose Bonifacio, Martim Francisco and Antonio Carlos), with their leadership, had a major impact on the Constituent Assembly. And how they guided the proceedings of the process of framing the first Brazilian Constitution . This Constitution was effective December 13, 1823, with the swearing-in ceremony on March 25, 1824.

The book documents the reasons why Jose Bonifacio de Andrada e Silva's name will be immortalized by history. His name will be included on an exclusive list of immortal leaders. He will be recognized as one of the "Greatest Statesman" in world history.

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