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A Super Fun(ctional) Book About The Evolution of Kale With Tips & Tricks -- A Must Read!

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Do you love KALE? Do you hate it and really want to love it?

Here is a fun(ctional) easy read book about the evolution of kale and the trend it is today. It is filled with a rhyming story for adults (that's kid friendly), quick and easy video tips on how you can you eat and drink kale on the daily, as well as sweet and savory recipes (with loads of beautiful food photos) to satisfy all of your tastebuds.

No longer will you look at kale in the same way after reading “Kale. All Day. Errday."

* interactive pop-ups

* fun illustrations

* rhymes to make you laugh

* unexpected comedy

* beautiful food photos

* step-by-step recipes

* quirky video tips

* and much, much, more!


Here’s a new book from the co-creator of the Eat Real Essentials, Stephanie Wong, and the designer of the MacSparky Field Guide Presentations Book, Graham Jeong.

This dynamic duo, also known as Wake the Wolves™, has teamed up to bring the world a fun and imaginative book all about kale, entitled “Kale. All Day. Errday." Their new approach to educate readers about this ever-so popular vegetable will be sure to satisfy not only the mind, but the tastebuds as well. Crafted in a rhyming form, this book is an easy read for all ages to enjoy. 

The authors' family-friendly journey begins with the "STORY" chapter where the authors created a rhyming narrative all about KALE. The story is intertwined with illustrations reminiscent of a children’s book to encourage a playful approach to living healthy. Look out for an interesting juxtaposition of mediums to help elevate the history and nutritional facts of a simple, leafy green called kale.

The journey continues into a new chapter entitled “HOW-TO's” where the authors get behind the camera to give you some fun, quick video tips on: How to Shop for Kale; How to Prep Your Kale; How to Flavor Your Kale, and How to Store Your Kale

Following these playful videos, the authors have created a mixture of savory and sweet "KALE RECIPES" that you're going to love. This part of the book contains beautifully shot drinks and tasty treats, with easy-to-navigate recipes.

After exploring the world of food, the authors share with you their continued journey in making "healthy living a cool thing to do." Check out their sneak peak of their future shop – full of fun and quirky home and apparel goods that make a strong statement about HEALTHY LIVING. Not only do they love writing and creating books, but they also have a deep passion to bring this not-so-serious (but serious) issue straight into your homes. 

Be on the lookout for more crazy, fun, off-the-wall books and healthy lifestyle goods from the Wake the Wolves™ team. 

Follow them and their journey at wakethewolves.com

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