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If your child has an inclining of rhythm, loves making noise or can’t stop dancing when music is on then you’re in the right place.

This is Lesson Series 3, the 3rd and final in a series of interactive eBooks with video lessons to help kids get a great start at learning the drums.  Each book contains fun and vibrant video drum lessons especially designed for kids aged 3-8 years old.

Series 3 introduces classic beats in classic music styles, rock, dance, funk an even introduction to Jazz. There’s even more body co-ordination exercises to increase their abilities.

Parents you may have thought about regular weekly lessons for your little drummer.  Weekly lessons can seem expensive when your little drummer can only take in so much information.  Little Drummers Rock will teach them all the basic elements of playing the drums

Little Drummers Rock is all about having REPETITION IN ACTION!  The kids won’t just watch, they’ll get involved.  They can play along with the teacher and are encouraged to practice by themselves with a series of easy exercises.

There is so much power in repetition for developing young minds and bodies.  Little Drummers Rock allows children to watch and participate in the lessons over and over again until they really ROCK!  The co-ordination skills gained throughout the 3 series of Little Drummers Rock will assist them in every area of life.  

“I would teach music, physics and philosophy; but most importantly music, for in the patterns of music are the keys of learning.” Plato

The interactive eBooks allow them to really feel a sense of achievement and accomplishment along the way.  Personalised certificates are available at the end of each lesson series on request from  It’s our way of staying in touch and celebrating the achievements of Little Drummers all around the world.  

Give your child the best start at learning the drums at a fraction of the cost of one lesson with a private teacher.

You can head to for more information, frequently asked questions, online games that partner with the eBooks and colouring in fun.  

Purchase the whole book now or just download the free sample and enjoy the fun of watching your little drummer learn to ROCK!

Little Drummers Rock Includes the following topics.

Lesson Series 1

▪ Correct Natural Technique

▪ Co-ordination Skills (with hands)

▪ Basic Rudiments (like piano scales but much more fun for drummers)

▪ Rhythm Repetition Games

▪ Keeping the Beat

▪ Names of the Drums

▪ Drumming Around the House

▪ Fun, Fun and More Fun

▪ Plus much more!!

Lesson Series 2

▪ Co-ordination Skills (with hands and feet)

▪ Warm up Exercises (to last a lifetime)

▪ Basic Rock Beats

▪ Playalong Songs

▪ Basic Fills

▪ More Rudiments

▪ Rhythm Games

▪ Learning Accents

▪ Fun, Fun and More Fun

▪ Plus much much more!!

Lesson Series 3

▪ Full Body Co-ordination Skills

▪ Rudiment Races and Warm Ups

▪ Classic Rock Beats

▪ Other Styles of Beats including Jazz!!!

▪ Face melting drum Fills

▪ Build Musical Phrases

▪ Playing with other Musicians

▪ Even More Fun and much much much more!!


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