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True Magick: Magical Meditation Manual for the Apprentice Witch is an occult manual that teaches the art of magical meditation. In the craft of Magick, regular practice of meditation is a must if you want to reach a high level of magical-spiritual development. Meditation silences all noise and paves a way for a deeper and meaningful Magick. This is especially important in this time of the Modern World where there are many noises and misdirections that are happening in the world. By meditating, you are able to go into your inner sanctuary and work the greatest Magick.

According to a teaching in Hermetics, "The All is Mind; the Universe is Mental." The practice of meditation allows you to work directly with your mind. It is also worth noting that real and powerful Magick starts and ends in the mind. Indeed, this gives more truth to the teaching that all true magical acts are meditation.

True Magick: Magical Meditation Manual for the Apprentice Witch will provide you with the foundational knowledge that you need, as well as different meditation techniques that you can practice in order to learn and fully experience the beauty of meditation.

It is also worth noting that we will not just deal with meditation the way that many people think about it. Instead, we shall go deep into its real essence; hence, it is called "magical meditation" because we shall harness the force of meditation in a magical and occult way. This is the key to real and infinite power.

There is a reason why many occult masters have practiced meditation — because it simply works! And, it works in a very significant way. Therefore, if you want a Magick that has real power, a Magick that will have complete manifestation at all levels, then you will find the practice of magical meditation helpful and beneficial.

True Magick: Magical Meditation Manual for the Apprentice Witch is a little journey into one's self that can create lasting changes in your life. It is also well to note that the practice of meditation, regardless of the technique, is an overall magical and spiritual exercise that develops all magical faculties and deepens one's sense of spirituality.

You do not need to go to the desert or live in a cave to attain enlightenment or reach a high level of psychic and magical development. All that you need is in your mind. You simply have to get into the universe of your mind to unleash true power — and there is no better way of doing this than through the practice of meditation.

Meditation heals, meditation awakens, meditation enlightens, meditation empowers, and it is the key to finding one's self. Especially in this day and age where there are so much pressure and stress brought about by the cruel demands of the modern world, the practice of meditation may even be considered a necessity.

Are you ready to discover the real you and unleash the infinite power within? Are you ready to take this spiritual and magical journey? If so, then I now welcome you into the world of magical meditation — where you can be true, where you can be you, and therefore Magick becomes real.

Blessed be!

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7 de marzo
Melody Webster
Draft2Digital, LLC

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