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Anyone with executive responsibilities entrepreneurs, business managers, directors of large organizations, even parents needs to be focused, in command, and able to make wise decisions at any moment.

Psychologist Michael Kahn interviewed 62 successful executives to understand how they think, react, plan, and even relax. These are not corporate secrets. The key is getting in better touch with your personal operating system and developing strategies to coordinate your mind, body, and emotions to produce an ideal, efficient, executive-performance state.

Anyone can learn and implement their methods. They are applicable to:

companies wanting to increase staff productivity and creativity,
and decrease stress related work problems,

businesses committed to the success of newly placed executives,

ambitious people determined to succeed in career and business and
devoted to staying healthy, to have satisfying relationships, and to enjoy life.

If youve had this gnawing feeling that youre capable of more, that life shouldnt be this stressful, then this practical and compelling guide will empower you to realize your full potential.

This should be mandatory reading for all C-Suite aspirants. Exceptional DIY manual for survival and success.

Clinton Wingrove, EVP & Principal Consultant at Pilat HR Solutions and co-CEO
of CKT Solutions

Dr. Kahn has identified the key challenges every CEO must deal with at a very personal level. He has given us powerful insights and practical solutions.

Patricia H. Troy, IOM, CAE, President/CEO of Next Wave Group, LLC

Michael has written a very useful and practical book that contains wisdom and advice from dozens of leaders in a a variety of fields. It includes ideas and strategies that can enrich both your personal and professional life. This book is the next best thing to having your own personal leadership coach.

Dr. Alan Leis, Former Superintendent, Naperville School District 203

.for anyone who aspires to both live and lead successfully. He gives people an on-going procedure for establishing and sustaining harmony between how they live and how they lead.

Paul A. Riecks, co-Founder and Principal of INSIGHT

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