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This is the second book in the Maya's Aura series. It continues with both of the story timelines from the first book: Maya's Aura - the Awakening.Young Maya is thoroughly enjoying her extended vacation in Vancouver. She is boarding for free with a gay couple in return for letting them document her aura. She is earning pocket money picking up bit parts from movie casting calls. She is meeting lots of interesting people on Wreck Beach, at U.B.C., in the local acting scene, and in the local gay scene. The bummer is, her aura is starting to seriously scare her, and her new friends.Her aura is completely out of control. Dangerously out of control.She has no choice. She has to find someone to teach her how to control it and refine it. With the help of an aging Tai Chi master, a monk, a psychiatrist, an actress, and a gay makeover wizard she learns a lot. Not only how to refine her aura, but also how to refine herself. From the country girl who worked in a coffee shop, emerges a sophisticated young woman.And then her adventures really begin....About the AuthorSkye Smith is my pen name. My family convinced me not to use my real name because they feared that predators would use the internet to find me. You'll understand why as you fall in love with sweet Maya, my main character. I wish I could use my own name, but I can’t. Sorry.Originally I set out to write a story about vampires and witches, but those have been done to death in eBooks, so instead I gave Maya a strong aura, which allowed her to sense the presence of psychopaths. As I wrote the novel I came to realize that vampires are just psychopaths that stay up late and drink blood. Or maybe psychopaths are just vampires that have swapped their blood habit for good old fashioned greed, power, and lust.My books so far in the "Maya's Aura" series are:The first book "Maya's Aura - the Awakening" The second book "Maya's Aura - the Refining" The third book "Maya's Aura - in Goa, India"

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Skye Smith
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