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Discover Midnight Lily: A Billionaire’s Romantic Love Story (Book One)

Explore the epic tale of a young woman cornered into living with people she can’t stand. A billionaire stepfather, an ex-stripper for a mother, and an obnoxious step brother she can’t abide.

Frighteningly Realistic And Undeniably Steamy

See how a life of luxury becomes a cage for a sweet and innocent woman, and watch as she becomes more seedy, depraved, heartless…and accepted by those in the upper circles of society.

A Sexy And Epic Saga In Three Parts

Experience a three-part saga in the life of Leah, a woman torn from a life of penny pinching, to suddenly becoming one of the ladies of a mansion. See how her relationship with her stepbrother changes, and find out where it takes her.

The First Story Featuring Bullied Leah And Her Scumbag Stepbrother Paul

In the story, you see how sweet and innocent Leah has adapted to her new life in the mansion. See how she is constantly pulled from side to side by her mother who is desperate to keep living the high life. Read how she is ignored by an insecure billionaire stepfather, and see how she is bullied by her stepbrother.

Things take a turn for the worse when the relationship between her and her stepbrother changes. In a fit of delicious madness, she does something she should regret, only to then fall into the arms of somebody else in the house.

Experience Every Tender Touch, Warm Embrace And Passionate Kiss!!!

The story is just one part of a three-piece saga, and in it, you get to see her descent from a sweet young woman to the sort of person that fits in with self-obsessed socialites. Read about every tender touch, warm embrace and experience every passionate kiss. Find out what happens when a young and sweet woman submits to the whim of her sex drive. Feel her pain, watch her grow, and dive into the erotic tale that is her life.

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