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Have you ever wanted to meditate or considered starting a meditative practice but didn't know where to begin? 

Mindfulness: A Beginner's Guide to Meditation and Intentional Living provides clear, easy to follow instructions on starting meditative practice. 

Using the meditation techniques included in this guide, you will soon discover how to use your breath, physical sensations, mental states, and even challenging feelings and emotions to foster tranquility, insight, and relaxation in your day-to-day life. 

The simple instructions in this guide will help you lay the foundations for a lifelong journey of inner discovery, appreciation and awakening. 

In this guide you will learn to...


- Cultivate awareness and purity of mind 

- Bridge the gap between meditative practice and daily life 

- Manage fears, anxieties, and worries 

- Reduce stress and unease 

- Increase personal well-being and clarity of mind 

- Deepen physical and mental relaxation 

- Alleviate tension in the body and mind 

- Increase appreciation of the moment 

- Become more present and self-aware 

- Increase productivity and reduce distraction 

- Improve quality of life 

- Develop objectivity and positive states of mind 

- Increase focus and learning effectiveness 

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octubre 17
Joe Bailey
Joseph Bailey

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