Muscle Matriarchy Reunion: 10 Year Cali-Quads-Intergender-Wrestling Reunion + 2 Mixed Wrestling Domination Marriages

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We feature some women and some couples you will not want to miss! Andrea and Barry are a happily married couple who know how to have fun. It wasn't until many years into their marriage that these two had a true battle of the sexes. Much to Andrea's delight and Barry's embarrassment, this stunning wife overpowered her loving husband. Even though Barry felt humiliated, he also enjoyed his wife's sunsual power. Their marriage has continued better-than-ever with some added spice!

Lovers of thick thighs have found their Mona Lisa with Mareyse! This lady has quads and hamstrings that will blow you away! See how Mareyse captured the man of her dreams and knew exactly how to keep him under her wing. Like Mareyse, Rae isn't tall, but she's very power packed! Rae is featured for her role in the Cali-Quads event 10 years ago. Read all about how Rae defeated, dominated and destroyed her young, over-matched male opponent. If you like a woman with rock hard glutes and a killer attitude, then Rae is the femme fatale for you!

Sheri are Cass are up next and these women mean business! Both women competed 10-years earlier in the Oakland event and have been kicking ass ever since. These women know how to tame the men in their life and all the guys they cross paths with as well. Sheri has glutes to die for and Cass's arms are her calling-card. The pictures of these women will blow your mind!

Leah is up next and this wife and mother will steal your heart…and kick your butt! Leah's husband is much taller than she is, but he can't defend himself against his stunning wife. Leah is an amazing woman-next-door who enjoys the physical and mental aspect of Femme Domme. After Leah's profile we have some fabulous session reviews. Are you considering having a wrestling session? We introduce you to three women that are full-time man-tamers. See what it's like to mix it up with these muscular, beautiful, dominant beauties. We end this issue with Bonita, a stunning South American lady with thighs and hips to die for. See how Bonita works over a man's body and his soul during her mixed wrestling matches. Don't let this amazing lady's sweet smile fool you! She's the real deal and a definate man-tamer!

We have definitely saved the best for last! Mesa, a fan favorite from our last issue, is back and she introduces us to Lea Ann. Lea Ann's pictures tell it all! She's a country-strong woman who defeats her husband in an intense, physical wrestling match. While Murphy is turned-on, he also keeps his losses out-of-mind most of the time. Learn all about the male ego difficulties that often arise when a lady becomes the Superior one.

If you love strong, skilled, beautiful women who defeat and dominate men, then this is the ebook for you! Please remember to check out all of our other ebooks as well!

Deportes y vida al aire libre
8 de abril
Ken Phillips and Wanda Lea
Draft2Digital, LLC

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