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Are you ready to blast-off with four sci-fi adventures from Odette C. Bell?

Consisting of the complete A Plain Jane series, the complete The Betwixt series, and the two stand-alone books Lucky Star and Zero, it’s over 500,000 words of space opera all in one bundle. Pick it up and soar free with an Odette C. Bell adventure today.


A Plain Jane

What if you lived your life thinking you were normal? No, worse – plain? What’d happen if the deadliest assassin in the galaxy attacked you one warm summer’s night? What would you do if you were thrust into an adventure with the galaxy’s greatest heroic heartthrob?

What would happen if a mysterious, ancient race appeared to kill you? Would you run or fight?

Jane grew up knowing she’s nothing but normal. Then one run-in with an assassin robot threatens to destroy everything she knows about herself. Soon she’s traversing space with Lucas Stone, the galaxy’s number one pin-up hero. Together, they must discover who Jane is and what’s after her before the galaxy’s plunged into a war that’ll destroy all.


The Betwixt

A mysterious past, a grand destiny – can a simple waitress save the galaxy?

Mini’s just a waitress in a dingy space bar. But when her mysterious past comes knocking on her door in the form of a tiny red creature called Od, everything changes. According to him, she’s all that stands between the galaxy and an invasion of soul-sucking creatures from the in-between dimensions. As Mini's galactic experience revolves around serving drinks and smiling at customers, she finds that unlikely.

But Od’s right. So she reaches for the closest thing at hand – a frying pan – and gives saving the galaxy a go. She isn't alone, however; she's caught the eye of a handsome Galactic Military Commander, and he won’t take his eyes off her until the end.


Lucky Star

Ariel doesn’t belong in this time. She comes from a world of call centers, cats, and lonely nights in front of the TV.

Then the world ends. Hundreds of years later, she wakes up to a handsome soldier and a future that doesn’t want her. That’s fine by Ariel; she doesn’t want the future either.

But when her hidden powers are discovered, she’ll be taught to fight. And it’ll thrust her into the middle of a malevolent plot to use her new-found abilities to end a 100-year galactic war.

Soon, it’s up to Ariel to save the future she never wanted, and it’s up to her hot space marine to show her the future can be worth it as long as you have someone to spend it with.



Life’s good for Oatmeal; when he isn’t on the couch watching reruns in his boxers, he’s smashing CRIMs and cashing bounty checks.

Then she comes along – a cutey dragging a galaxy-full of freaking trouble. He thought he’d just save the Earth-girl from the nasty aliens, give her to the police, and cash that fat reward. But Callie Hope is anything but ordinary.

Just one day with her, and Oatmeal finds himself being tracked down by every CRIM, galactic cop, and terrorist the Milky Way can conjure. Now his options are painfully simple: take all the kid’s cash and dump her or… save the galaxy.

Ciencia ficción y fantasía
29 de septiembre
Odette C. Bell
Odette C. Bell

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