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This book has recently been recommended by David Icke (Robots Rebellion, et al) "I strongly recommend you read it, take it very seriously, and apply it to everything else that has been taught..." David Icke.
An apt desciption of this book would be The Tao of Physics meets The Philosphers Stone and Don Juan. It is the description of the authors experiences, discoveries and theories on the nature of reality, our relationship with spiritual and demonic beings, the other realms of the mutiverse and the force of life itself.
Through the teachings of The Rosicrucians, eastern mysticism, alchemy, hermeticism and the nagualism of the Zapotecs and Toltes the authors weave a tale of discovery and the penetration of the fundamental mysteries of reality and the nature of the universe itself. The story outlines the authors journey of self discovery through the inner work he learned through mystical initiatic orders and other masters both visible and invisible.
Through what he learned he tells of journeys to other dimensions and realms and his interactions with the beings there and what they want. This is substanitated by detailed histories of the mystics of Europe and Mexico and scientific research. The book not only details the authors own personal journey, but also illustrates how the Gnostic influence of the Rosicrucian Order can be traced back to the first days of Christianity and before and the profound effect it has had upon Western Civilization.
The book also explains what the Philosphers Stone really is, how it is used, how to obtain it and why the demonic inorganic beings use life to gain access to it.
The story also details the authors experiences in past lives dating into the distant past and how we all have existed for time untold. How this earth is just one of many previous worlds the life force that makes up humanity has occupied.
The second section also illustrates how the latest scientifc findings substantiate many concepts of our true spiritual nature and how the energy of the Vital Force of Life drives the workings of the DNA in the cells nucleus. As well it details the latest findings proving that we all have psycic abilities that we are unaware of.

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Salud, mente y cuerpo
12 de abril
Brian Johnston
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