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Gerry Burns, a former U.S. Marine and Iraq war veteran, walks into a police station one morning and confesses to the murders of several local residents, but the only thing is, Gerry can't remember killing any of them. Diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD ), Gerry has not only has lost the ability to control his actions, but also his ability to remember. And as more people go missing, Gerry is convinced he's responsible.

Taut and highly charged, Patrick Morin’s debut is a harrowing exploration of the effects of war, the process of memory, and the delicate balance between rationality and uncontrolled rage. Gerry and his wife, Ashley, leave military life and relocate to a sleepy New England town so Gerry can attend college. Soon thereafter, Gerry runs into two local hooligans and leaves them bloodied and broken. Problem is, Gerry doesn't remember a thing. Ashley is convinced PTSD is responsible for Gerry's actions, but Gerry disagrees. When one of Gerry's study partners goes missing, however, followed by his former boss, he begins to worry.

Flashbacks from the war haunt Gerry's daily life with increasing and alarming regularity. The trauma of losing friends in battle, the fear of rocket attacks during the night, and the anxiety of bombs exploding on the side of the road all contribute to the psychological strain consuming him. With a flip of the switch Gerry can turn any one of these emotions on and just as quickly turn it off. The only problem is he can't control when or where it happens. And as more and more people disappear, Gerry begins to think Ashley may be right, especially when the two local hooligans he beat up turn up dead. But with a best friend with a violent past and a wife ready to protect him at all costs, the police aren't so sure Gerry is their man.

Probing deeply into the psyche of a man fundamentally torn apart by his experiences in war, Morin marries his fight for sanity and the complicated machinations of a first-class thriller with ease and extraordinary effect. Each journey for closure feeds off the other with ever-increasing desperation, building to an almost unbearable intensity as they careen toward an inevitable, explosive climax. A white-knuckle ride and a stirring indictment of the care given to soldiers returning home broken by their experiences, P.T.S.D. delivers a novel of modern war unlike any other.

Misterio y suspenso
julio 15
S. Patrick Morin
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