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Peacekeeper Hunks: Sexy Cyprus UN Contingent Gay Men is a nine-story collection, over half of which have not previously been published, of gay male activity of Scandinavian soldier hunks serving with the UN Cyprus peacekeeping forces and happily being of service to like-minded men living there.
The UN peacekeeping force in Cyprus was established in 1964 to help keep the increasingly belligerent Greek and Turkish communities on the island of Cyprus from tearing each other apart in recurring pogroms of genocide. Their role was solidified in a physical buffer zone across the breadth of the island in 1974 when Turkey invaded in the north of the island and two separate, belligerent entities were created, the Greek Republic of Cyprus government controlling the southern two thirds of the island and the claimed Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus in the north. The Turkish “republic” is recognized only by Turkey itself.
Habu lived and worked in Cyprus for extended periods in the two decades following the 1974 deployment of the peacekeeping forces there and enjoyed his life in Cyprus—and his interaction with Scandinavians—Danes and Swedes—serving with the UN contingent. Danes, Swedes, and Norwegians—the descendants of Vikings—are often termed the sexiest men in the world as a group, and in this collection, habu celebrates that proposition. As Greek and Turkish men are no slouches in this department, life in Cyprus can get quite explosive.
All of these stories are set on the island of Cyprus—some on the Turkish side and some on the Greek side. Scandinavian UN contingents figure prominently in some and more in passing in others. These stories have been written over a fifteen-year period, although most of them were not published until now. Some images recur in the stories. When seen, they mostly are real images that habu has kept in his mind over the years and has chosen to explore more than once.

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