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Poems on Various Subjects - Religious and Moral

Phillis Wheatley, African American poet whose writings helped create the genre of African American literature (1753-1784)

This ebook presents «Poems on Various Subjects - Religious and Moral», from Phillis Wheatley. A dynamic table of contents enables to jump directly to the chapter selected.

Table of Contents

- About This Book

- To Mæcenas

- To Mæcenas Ii

- On Virtue

- To The University Of Cambridge, In New-england

- To The King's Most Excellent Majesty

- On Being Brought From Africa

- On The Rev. Dr. Sewell

- On The Rev. Mr. George Whitefield

- On The Death Of A Young Lady Of Five Years Of Age

- On The Death Of A Young Gentleman

- To A Lady On The Death Of Her Husband

- Goliath Of Gath

- Thoughts On The Works Of Providence

- To A Lady On The Death Of Three Relations

- To A Clergyman On The Death Of His Lady

- An Hymn To The Morning

- An Hymn To The Evening

- On Isaiah Lxiii. -

- On Recollection

- On Imagination

- A Funeral Poem On The Death Of An Infant Aged Twelve Months

- To Captain H. D. Of The Th Regiment

- To The Rt. Hon. William, Earl Of Dartmouth

- Ode To Neptune

- To A Lady On Her Coming To North America With Her Son, For The Recovery Of Her Health

- To A Lady On Her Remarkable Preservation In A Hurricane In North Carolina

- To A Lady And Her Children On The Death Of Her Son, And Their Brother

- To A Gentleman And Lady On The Death Of The Lady's Brother And Sister, And A Child Of The Name Of Avis, Aged One Year

- On The Death Of Dr. Samuel Marshall

- To A Gentleman On His Voyage To Great-britain, For The Recovery Of His Health

- To The Rev. Dr. Thomas Amory On Reading His Sermons On Daily Devotion, In Which That Duty Is Recommended And Assisted

- On The Death Of J. C. An Infant

- An Hymn To Humanity

- To The Hon. T. H. Esq; On The Death Of His Daughter

- Niobe In Distress For Her Children Slain By Apollo

- To S. M. A Young African Painter, On Seeing His Works

- To His Honour The Lieutenant-governor, On The Death Of His Lady

- A Farewel To America

- A Rebus By I. B.

- An Answer To Ditto, By Phillis Wheatley

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