Pretty In Prison Vol. 3

The Alarm Clock Diaries

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I closed my eyes and thought for a minute, I’m screwed. The one thing I should expect for sure is to be treated without an ounce of kindness or compassion for the abuse I received from the guard. I mean why would he help me, when I’m in here for taking the life of his brother.

“I see. So now what?” I almost expected him to pick up something from his desk and hurl it at me. Instead, he gazed at me with a warm smile and said, “He was my step brother Trixie. And besides that, I hated him. He made me feel lower than dirt as a kid”. ”He treated me and my sister as though we introduced his dad to our mom in hopes of them splitting up his parent‘s marriage”. “Any sane person knows that it‘s a chicken and egg scenario”. “His dad branched out and cheated on his mom long before my sister and I were thought of.”

He stood up, reached across his desk, and extended his hand. I stood and attached my hand to his and didn’t want to let go. Finally, someone else knew the demon that landed me here. “Thank you Warden!” With a puzzled look on his face, “For what Trixie?”” It is you that gets the gratitude”. “That man made a lot of people miserable and it was time someone ended it. That someone was you and for that, me and my sister, to say the least, are indebted to you”.

I shook my head to accept the acknowledgement, but not saying anything because I still have court tomorrow. I still have to prove it was self defense; and besides, I don’t know if this is all a set up. I just met him. Trust crossed my mind. He had not yet earned it. Thus I sat back down.

“I know how you sustained your bruises, and your new haircut”. There’s someone I’d like you to meet”. Oh shit, I’m more nervous than before I came in. Is he bringing in Mr. Hamilton and now both of them are going to have their way with me and kill me?!

He made a phone call and all he said is, “she’s here.” He sat back in his chair and reached for a cigar. It was the same kind his brother smoked. I remembered them from his desk back in high school.

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