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Sex, drugs and rock n roll were the main focus of army brat - drug dealer Jessie Cayne when he rolled into Texas in 1988.

Once he arrived in El Paso, he landed a position on the Championship football team and he began to push his drugs amongst the elite students of his new high school. His life is further complicated as he falls into a steamy love triangle. He's betting his future on an Ivy League University football scholarship but his involvement with the deadly Mexican drug cartel threatens to destroy not only him but those he loves.
Ramble On is as close to a fast-paced action movie as is possible to be found in a book. Featuring great storytelling, detailed believable characters as well as thrilling action, this book doesn't pull any punches on its roller coaster ride to its fateful conclusion.

Ramble On... comes with a recommended playlist of classic rock songs to be listened to during the story.

Praise for RAMBLE ON…

"Ramble On... I can't say why I enjoyed Jessie Cayne's journey. There's not a lot of good in this guy. He lies, he cheats, he steals, and even when the people around him see his value, he can't see it himself. Early in the story, he's called, "devious, duplicitous and interesting", and by the novel's end, I agreed with that assessment. He's not the best person you'll ever meet but, oh, yes, he is interesting.

Maybe I liked him because he never sugarcoats who he is or what he does. He knows he's no good. He might wish he was better, and he tries to be so on occasion, but he can't make it stick. Even when he's at the top of his game, part of him knows it can't last. Not for a man like him. But if he's going to crash and burn, he'll do it on his own terms: taking a long drag on a good joint while some great music plays in the background.

I usually speed through my reading – so many books, so little time – but I purposely paced myself with this story. I didn't want it to end too quickly. I wanted to linger in its weed-laden, classic rock-blasting world for as long as I could.

And as unlikely as it seems by the end of this tale, I want to see more of the main character. Just as no great rock group is a one-hit wonder, Jessie Cayne needs to ride his Harley again. A man this interesting must have more stories to tell.

Ramble on, Jessie."

"RAMBLE ON... promises a story saturated with sex, drugs and rock 'n' roll and boy does it deliver on all counts! This is a hard-edged, hard-hitting story about a tough kid making his way in the world as a high school athlete, part-time drug dealer, and ladies' man. Jessie Cayne isn't your typical protagonist--he's not shy about his views on drug use, his womanizing ways, or his violations of the law. He's a Harley riding bad boy. Unrepentant, and at times, unlikable."-Consumer Advocate

"Ramble On… by John R. Stuart is an extremely well-structured book that has everything but your tub thrown in it. First, let me mention Stuart's characterization...it's awesome. He is an absolute master with his descriptive style. Whether it is the weather, his motorcycle, his favorite music, a character or a place on the map. All the while, his easy, breezy style allows you to read some very ugly transactions and make them seem normal."- Carol Pinder, The Kindle Book Review

"The strength of this book is in its stories, both the primary plot arc and many diversions along the way." - Aaron C. Brown

"What an amazing book! Everything from the music selection to the history of weed and rock n roll, I enjoyed every chapter. This book was definitely a page turner." - Farah Bhatti

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